Dark Sailor Mercury

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Update 1: Summer 2008

I found someone to commission the actual Sailor Mercury dress. Its pretty expensive, but I believe it will be well worth it!

Update 2: 9/01/2008
* I am currently working on the bow for this cosplay
* The commissioned fuku is ALMOST done!!!!
* I will work on boot covers and gloves once the fuku gets here so I can match up fabric colors.

Update 3: 9/7/2008
I found fabric for boot covers and a tutorial so I will start working on that next. The bow template is ready to be cut out. I just need to get some black mesh to sew it too.

Update 3: July 2009
Okay so the bow making is going slower than I thought (stupid bills) but I have found someone who will make my boot covers for me YAY! Thank you Catherine!!!


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Dark Sailor Mercury
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