i've always been pondering about doing a rin cosplay
but was a bit iffy about her default outfit since i'm not into the leg warmers look.
but ever since i saw the daughter of evil / servant of evil / message of regret vids. i've been on vocaloid high~!! @[email protected]
so i really wanted to cosplay rin but it would seem too weird if i didn't have a len with me. thank goodness gin decided to be my len ahahaha
I suggested the idea of doing ALICE HUMAN SACRIFICE version of the twins instead of the default one 'cause it was easier to make (plus, i kinda like this version more ^^ )
overall, the outfit was simple and very fun to wear xD;


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Series Vocaloid
Character kagamine rin (ALICE HUMAN SACRIFICE)


AznAnime KYAA VIETNAMESE COSPLAYERS > 3 < YESS *high fives* you make a great rin :3

cutiegigi I <3 your Alice Human Sacrifice Cosplay too!!! I might make the cosplay for cosfest next year in Singapore. hmm. Now I would need to check if anybody wants to be Len. XD

Iracheta Bros aww I love the cosplays *_*