Genjo Sanzo




2009 SummerCon Hungary

Sanzo is my favourite character from Saiyuki. He is the best X3 I like him. X3 <3
I saw an AMV about Bleach. The song was one of Saiyuki's opening(but i didn't know the anime), so I searched for it, and I founded the Saiyuki. It became one of my fav anime(especially the Saiyuki Reload, Gunlock, and Burial), and the manga is ....beautiful. *_*
So I decided that I will make a Sanzo cosplay.


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Series Saiyuki
Character Genjo Sanzo


beyblade0sakura Wow, you are like... the perfect Sanzo cosplayer. xD Even your face looks perfect for Sanzo. The robe and everything looks amazing. Did you make it yourself?