Sailor Uranus / Haruka

Sailor Moon S



Wow, I think I started making this senshi uniform almost 2 years ago... then put it in storage and never finished it, until now.

The spandex bodice has a fully boned lining for a better fit, now I just need to do something to keep the fabric from shifting and puckering <_< Other than that, I'm satisfied with the overall construction and with the way I look in it^^

I had a lot of fun taking photos with sakura_b and keikei who were fangirling over Haruka all the time *lol* I just love to cosplay as the strong, silent types, and the ambiguity of Haruka's character really appealed to me.

Cost: EUR 90 / ~$115


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Series Sailor Moon S
Character Sailor Uranus / Haruka


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