Princess Kakyuu

Sailor Moon musicals (SeraMyu)



I saw this musical already a few years ago.
Kakyuu is my favorite person in the musical because she's strong, confident and beautiful.
She is an inspiration and her voice is amazing.
I chose this version because it is more pretty than the Anime/Manga version.
Some stars were changed into flowers as I prefer the flowers that the has in the artbook/anime version.

Dress: handmade
Hat: handmade
Chop sticks (hair): handmade
Pearls/stones + wig: bought

Only some few details must be added.

Price: ~80 Euro (not incl. wig)


- Updated the wig
- Changed some pearls to have them all matched
- Found new rope that matched more my golden ribbon color
- Found a new golden spray that was softer (not "old gold") like the other paint
- Made the skirt (a normal walk version is the 1rst one, the 2nd skirt is for performances and photoshoots)

- Prepared a new wig and created the bangs.
(a tutorial will be put on my new website)

Final cost: 120~130 euro (not incl. wig)


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Series Sailor Moon musicals (SeraMyu)
Character Princess Kakyuu
Variant Sailor Moon Musical Version 1997, Eien Densetsu (Kaiteiban) - The Final First St


kira5 Tu es trop jolie me réjouit de faire un photo shoot avec toi comme ça ^^ je regrette de n'avoir pas pris de photo avec toi cette année la :(

Mohmoh great job!

Gemini Queen You make a beautiful Kakyuu

seawaterwitch Your Princess Kakyuu is beautiful. I love detail and you've done it right ^^ No wonder you won ;D Congratulation \(^_^)/