Mary Poppins (jolly holiday dress)

Mary Poppins



I always adored this movie when I was little.
I used to watch it several times.
The actress Julie Andrews has such an amazing voice and the songs/ settings were an inspiration for me.

This dress/outfit was chosen because I like the combination lace/Victorian so much.

As this was quite rare to cosplay, I asked my friend Tom to be my Bert.
It was an amazing time and I still have much respect for our nanny. ;-)
Tom and I had a wonderful time, we enjoyed it a lot!
Little children and grandparents were fond of us.

Unfortunately some things did not arrive on time at FACTS. The shoes were not completed because of that and the part of our lace dress (chest part) was slightly different.

I chose tea roses because they go to drink tea at Teas. (the name of the place with the penguins).

The parasol head was changed 3 times.
First because I made the parrot head, secondly because I thought it was a flamingo (pink etc) and lastly it was another birds' head.
Mainly because it was difficult to see what type of bird it was on the pictures.

The parasol: see progress pictures but is was a "common" white parasol, altered it badly
The hat: bought it and altered it badly
under blouse: bought
Corset: still not that tight but it was entirely made
Lace dress: completely made
(under)skirt: completely made
Gloves: completely made
Shoes: bought white shoes, painted them partly and made half bootcovers


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Series Mary Poppins
Character Mary Poppins (jolly holiday dress)


TheAnimelady WOW! *.* <3 I love your costume! Just wonderful!

lamu Amazing!!

Angelphie Beautiful costume, I was so impressed seeing all the work you put into it in person. Showcase well deserved!

Angeal you did a very good job on your costume

KrisStam As Mary Poppins herself would say: it's Practically Perfect in every way! Absolutely amazing!

Queen Amydala It's so cute

[email protected] Hey :-) Proficiat met je SHOWCASE :-) en je huwelijk :-)

Meouwww Congratulations!!! I love -all- of your cosplays and I really look up to you! You earned this! <3

AkoRedfield Heyy félicitations pour le showcase !! =D

MysteriousMaemi @all: thank you!!

Lyel Felicitations c'est merité, j'adore ta mary poppins o/

Fabulousity Congratulations on getting showcased! You deserved it!

H-Sama wow someone who likes mary like me!!

Rheine Your costume is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

GunstarVixen This will forever be one of my favorite costumes!!! You looked amazing!!

PirateLady-Lizz Lovely You really looks like her !

Hadesgod1 I just loved your act I almost had the urge to dance along :P

Refira Absoloutely beautiful. ^^ I really love this costume. You did a super job on it and looked fantastic. :)

Mohmoh I saw you at FACTS a few weeks ago and I'm still fascinated by your costumes! You're such a lovely Mary Poppins! And dressing up together with Bert: that's phantastic!!!!!

carladawn How beautiful! I love the detailing you did!