Blue Rhapsody

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I found my self looking at costumes one day and thought "what has no one done that i know of?"

It took me a while to until i thought of Blue Rhapsody, that annoying blue bell like heartless from Kingdom hearts!

This costume required alot (and i mean alot!) of math x.x omg too much.

The basic shape was made with the basic idea of a hoop-skirt. four trapezoids sewn together and hemmed, then the collar was made in 2 parts, stuffed with interfacing, and attached.

The symbol was enlarged on photoshop by a friend which i then traced and painted on to white fabric and then ironed onto the blue.

The heartless head took the longest x.x
The head was a yard of black fabric that i ironed yellow eyes to, it was then draped over an old base ball cap and stuck there.
the hat was made in 5 parts, 4 brim pieces and the stuffed cap.... too much work XD but it worked out well!

And yes the bell jingles i hand sewed bells inside it... my friends got quite annoyed with the jingling

All in all it was worth the effort i put into it and am still putting into it
Its quite fun to chase children in

adventures of blue and green videos:
Adventure 1:

Adventure 2:

jingle free taco you paine frenchtoast!

EDIT: i had to make a new hat (the old one got attacked by melted jello in a friends car) it was made in the same steps EXCEPT i added a "fold able" traffic cone into the bottom of the hat to keep it stable.


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BalthierFlare That's so coool! XD

happysmeagol Wow!!! It's so gorgeous....Wish I could have gone to this KumoriCon