Virginia "Pepper" Potts opening scene

Iron Man

@Lady Skywalker


Lately I've been doing more laid back costumes and this was actually and outfit I already had. After I saw the movie with friends, a bunch of them (and even my mom) said that Pepper reminded them of me so I decided that I should do the character sicne not too many characters do look like me. Plus, she's just frickin' awesome!

This is the version that we first see her in. When she 'takes out the trash'.


@Lady Skywalker
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Series Iron Man
Character Virginia "Pepper" Potts opening scene
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Shii Arisugawa You are my favorite, and THE BEST Pepper Pots cosplayer, ever. <3

bladescavenger Omgs It's Iron Woman!!! You're Miss Pepper and your Iron Woman Cosplays were awesome! This was Snake from AFO ^^

MasterLe247 i would love for you to be my Pepper potts PLEASE!!! hehe lol