Imp Midna

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



I spent a good three-four months on the cosplay. Everything was made by me except for the bodysuit base. I hand painted the bodysuit and custom dyed the wig. The Fused Shadow is made out of upholstery foam, model magic, and fabric paint. I love this costume so much!


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Imp Midna


Ryuux Amazing !

theonlyangel77 yay Midna! you were born to play her (get hired in the live action lol)

SushiBunnie I remember you! It was my first time at Otakon! I took so many pictures of you xD

nekatsim This is such an amazing costume! You did an amazing job!

ix_Marisa_xi My friend snapped a pic of you in this at Otakon. This amazes me

Derka-kun I had a couple questions about your midna costume if thats okay, im just now getting into cosplaying and im trying to learn the ropes. What materials did you use to make the body suit for Midna, and did you sew that yourself if it was from scratch. PM me, i couldnt message...said your inbox was full. Thanks ^_^ Derka-kun PS-Your Midna is amazing btw

Fire Lily You looked fabulous in this! Congrats on your win at AUSA ^.^

Ameria No, -you're- cute! >P :D

zeo41 wow... you make a great midna! i had attemped to cosplay her but my body suit was lacking in shape and the whole essence of midna... could you tell me how you made (or where you got) your body suit and the tecnique you used to paint it? i really would like to remake her in the future and your input would be really helpful :3

kurism wow, what was the bodysuit made of? imp midna rules, i wanna do this costume someday too.