Son Gohan (Cell Saga)

Dragon Ball Z



I have re-made this costume about 4 times.

First wig was a crappy yellow nightmare, which got covered into bigger spikes. That remake caved in, so I made an entirely new SSJ wig with a better method! My newest wig has spikes that look a lot more accurate to Gohan's hairstyle. ..I'm not sure what ref I looked at when I made the earlier one o_0; cause looking back it was completely wrong!

Gi 4.0 is made of a stiff twill with artistic pleating at the waist and ankles, and elastic waistband.

Shoes are handsewn over bedroom slippers, with the individual wrinkles sewn on.

Muscle shirt is two layers (one with stuffed 'packs' sewn on to a spandex layer, the other an airbrushed fleshtone layer)


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Created 13 years ago
Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Son Gohan (Cell Saga)
Variant Super Saiyan Piccolo outfit


binxy Firstly, I want to have your babies. Secondly, I would saw off my left breast if you could make a tutorial on the Gohan wig.

kracken29 What fabric did you use for the shoes?

Naksuko really good job, you rocks !!!!!!!!!!

DragonRyugaSSJ3 dang...dang...just damn...crazy realistic gohan evar..

shmight legend... w8 for it ... dary

Yashuntafun This is spot on! Awesome job!

YamiOscuridad i love your wig *-* how tid you make this?

freacls wow looking awsome Gohan

SenseiSpradling O_O I ALSO wish to know of the construction of this masterful work XC it's so beautiful.

Lazyjazzy Hi! This costume is awesome!!! Could you please tell me, how you made it and where you bought all the stuff from???

KidPandora Awesomeness is definitely over 9000. Hope to see you at Otakon.

skydragon119 amazing cosplay i hope that main will good as yours


Draglon ZOMG that is brilliant!!! XD