Blue Sasarai as Minato Arisato

Minato Arisato

Persona 3

Cosplayer: Blue Sasarai
I wasnt sure which costume from persona 3 to do, i love soo many characters in that game :/
the final outcome i ended up doing minato ^^ i was fairly rushed doing this, since it was kind of last minute. Though i dont think it came out to bad. I would like to change the wig (thats one thing i had to deal with, since i couldnt get another one at short notice) i think its too blue, and to puffy. I didnt have much to work with there, and i didnt want to wear black wig, that would have been really wrong.

aside from that, all seems alright :p
i even made the evoker, that i didnt even get much in pics of :/
once i get a better wig and better background i shall take more pics.

(FYI- katsu 09, got new wig! XD im happy now, shall post newer pics)