Tendo Akane

Ranma 1/2

My favorite character and signature cosplay. I've worn this outfit at almost every con since debuting it. I've remade the outfit in lighter weight fabric, so this one is now retired.

The dress is a heavier weight stretch cotton twill, custom colored through bleaching. I designed the pattern. The fabric has plenty of body, so the skirt poofs out pretty well on its own. The downside to it is that it's rather heavy and thick--gathering the skirt was difficult--and rather too warm for summer wear. The color was also difficult to replicate, meaning I couldn't make a matching jacket. The waistband fastens in the back with a hook and eye, hidden by the false bow.

I based the blouse pattern on a polo shirt that I took apart. I always intended to make both summer and winter blouses but kept putting it off, so I generally switched out the sleeves between short and long when the seasons changed.

The wig was originally a blue one with some custom coloring, but due to its tendency to bleed on my collar, I replaced it with a black one.
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Series Ranma 1/2
Character Tendo Akane
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