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I’ve always liked her dress design, and since I’ve had the wig sitting around for a while, I finally got around to making it (somewhat last-minute) for AmeCon 2008.

The dress is a poly-blend twill, flatlined to cheap polycotton just in case it was see-through, and to add weight (the polycotton was my mock-up anyway). I followed Butterick 3020 for the top of the dress, and increased the volume skirt a lot. I only flared it out at the side seams, I think with more time to experiment, I would have been better spreading the volume over several panels, or having a seam at the waist for a separate skirt. But for a quick costume, the basic drafting I did worked out alright!

I used hoopsteel in the hem of the skirt, and I left an opening on the inside to allow the hoop to be removed for washing the dress. There’s also batting inside the red hem for padding. I used an invisible zip down the back, white so that it wouldn’t show through the dress fabric, so I painted the zip pull orange to match the top of the dress. (I was really picky about getting the back neat, matching the stripes, getting the zip invisible…even although it’s all hidden by the wig.

The orange and red is polycotton, I also used red bias tape for the thinner stripe, and topstitched everything to death. I think interfacing the straps and stripes might have produced a better result, but in general I think it all worked out well enough. Making the little rectangle shapes where the straps cross over was fiddly, and getting the stripes placed correctly and neat was a real nuisance. I had to redo so many as I went along…

My wig is from Maple Wigs, I bought it over a year ago at Japan Expo in Paris! Because of its quality, it doesn’t tangle toooo much even being very long, and I absolutely love it! The hair ornament things are gold ribbon covered hair slides. I used matching gold fabric for the necklace, which is sewn into a tube, padded out with batting, and snaps closed at the back (the buttons on the red dress strap are buttons covered with the same fabric as the necklace). My neck injection thingy is made from craft foam and stays on with double-sided tape.

The shoes were an ebay find. I bought them because they had the right covered toe, a chunky heel, and a suitable ankle strap which I could cover. The downsides being that the back of the shoe wasn’t open like Anemone’s, and they were black. Firstly, I cut away some of the back, and I then made a fabric section to create the correct shaped ankle strap bit, with the bow on the front. The cover is stitched and glued to the shoes, and snaps closed at the front - the shoe straps still buckle closed normally underneath. They’re all painted using red enamel model paint. They’re not entirely perfect, due to the original shape of the shoes themselves, but I’m glad I had a shot at accuracy. I do need to work on preventing the paint chipping in future though.


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Shii Arisugawa I love how crisp and clean your costume looks, and adore your shiny red shoes! *_*

Geister You did a great job! If you lived in the states I would have you join us at our Eureka 7 photo shoot at AUSA!!!