Lady/ Mary

Devil May Cry 3



PHOTOSHOOT PICTURES FINALLY!!!! Thank you Judith @ you are wonderful!

I adore Lady as a character and it was manditory that I make the costume. I already drooled over her gun so why not make it for myself? Sadly two seconds after getting out of the car Attyca and I had a freak weapon accident and lets just say our weapons were in alot more pieces then they started. Luckily we had picked up some glue on the way up, quick thinking XD.

The costume needs a fair amount of nursing back to health I do plan to fix it up and probably wear it again, then hopefully I can get some decent photos. It really needs a new wig, I tried using one I already owned because I'm cheap...bad idea. looks like a goober. But I really do love this costume although it was hard holding a scowl all day, I failed at that XD.


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Series Devil May Cry 3
Character Lady/ Mary


Raisa Love this costume!

Sprocket It's a fantastic Lady costume. You can smile, tho! Lady does smile occasionally! XD

TifaLockhartFF I love your cosplays!!!*_*

EternalSuccubus PERFECT cosplay! Awesome Lady costume, congratulations! *-*

R1KKu Love your Lady costume!