Meroko (Milmake)

Full Moon o Sagashite



I'm only missing the curls on the side and the little garter things that hook from the socks to her undies. :3
I dunno if I wanna put in the curls... I really love my wig. :( Maybe I can figure something out with bobby pins for a temp solution...


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Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Meroko (Milmake)


AoiMizuno @Black_Gold_Saw4: Sorry for the late response! I haven't really been checking this as frequently as I should lol. For the ears I got white fleece and made the general shape. each ear i just had a front piece & a back piece, sewed it all around leaving an opening in the bottom and flipped it inside out. then I inserted a thin wiring along the edges. for the pinks on the ears I just took a little bit of red acrylic & diluted it with water. dipped a paper towel in it and very lightly rubbed it around and slowly darkened it a little bit at a time until I was satisfied. :3 Hope that helps a little~! :D Can't wait to see your finished product~!

Black_Gold_Saw4 i'm currently working on my meroko cosplay..would you mind letting me know how you made those ears? They are like...perfect XD im trying and i hate the way they keep coming out :/

ToroSonyCat really cute meroko cosplay!

Diana-Chan You look so cute as Meroko ^3^~