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The only character costume I made myself. I decided on a pleather-like material that was cheaply made. When the fabric bunched, the vinyl part separated from the cloth and left unsightly bubbles in the material. Moreover, it was horribly hot to wear and my golden bands were horrendously constructed.

I wore this costume one day and had to take off the arm and leg covers before the day was half through because it was just ridiculously hot and the material continued to stick to itself.

Here's the details on the costume:
The specific details were stenciled with custom cardstock stencils and acrylic paints.
The gems on the necklace were half-egg shaped pieces of craft wood painted with gold acrylic.
The crescent moon was crafted out of foam.
The wig was styled by having my dad sit down and let me style it on him XD because it was too difficult to style on a wig head. I then had to use a zip tie to hold up the ponytail then I covered it with a hair band.
The zipper on the top was sewn upside down because I used the wrong type of zipper and if I had it zip up, the zipper would continue to fall.
The skirt is the same fabric as the white attached to the wristbands. I had to soak it in magenta/pink dye for a couple days in an old plastic pickle jar to get it the color it is.

My most favorite part of the costume was the flowing white fabric attached to the wristbands.

edit: I just remembered that this was actually the second costume I made. The first one was Flute from Violinist of Hamlen.


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