Final Fantasy XIII Versus



My first cosplay ever, and I thought I'd never be able to ever make one! I REALLY REALLY hope I did well for my first cosplay! I was kind of let down when no one recognized who I was. I was very happy with the end result although the collar is purposely taller than it should be because I could only get a 48" zipper, and had to deal with the spare inches by compensating with collar height. So the collar's not as perfect as I'd want. Also, the sleeves are really stiff because it's made of upholstery vinyl. I should've chosen the less stiff vinyl. I was really sweaty and was being poked by the edges of the costume when I wore this without a shirt on underneath; in retrospect, not a great choice. I still haven't finished dying my hair, but I'll wait till my hair grows out in the back so I can spike it appropriately; I need to belt the gloves, and I need to buy 3 leather bags. I think that's it. I'll put more pictures up when the costume is 100% completed.


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Series Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Character Storm/Prince/Night


Solitiri ouuu vinyl that stuffs horrible!! my thumb and index finger still hurt from making Lightnings costume. Not cool. Vinyl is horrible to sew, hopefully you didn't have to by hand...

artistintrainin Oooo!! Nice costume! ^-^ you look quite a bit like him too! can't wait for the game to come out hahaha.