Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil 4



This will always be one of my favorite costumes to wear. From the first moment I saw the art for Resident Evil 4, I knew I wanted to make Leon's outfit, especially the jacket. The jacket alone ended up taking more work than most whole costumes I've done in the past, but it was well worth the blood (leather needles), sweat, and time it took to get it just right. As simple as it is, it's my cosplay pride and joy. My friends love it when they see the jacket hanging in my closet or draped over the back of a chair, because "it looks like Leon dropped by for a visit!" =)

More photos to come. ^_^


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Leon S. Kennedy
Variant Agent


Methann Cooool !! :D

DirtbagChick You make a fantastic Leon! Great job!!

Angeal Great Leon!

Aerialdown Hi! thanks for all your comments on my Leon! sorry it took so long to reply but i must say i love the jacket!!!! it must have been hell to put that thing together, i took the easy way out with the vest! your photos and setting are awesome to say the least! i love res evil cosplays and hope to do more! maybe i'll try to be as brave as you and make the jacket! fantastic work!!! can't wait to see what's next :D

din0_sl4y3r Hey this is xawesomewossumx from youtube. Haha, I found you up here before youtube but just now got around to commenting. Anyways great cosplay.