Roderich "Austria" Edelstein (Teen)

Hetalia: Axis Powers



After much discussion, I've decided to become Austria because I was persuaded to and after I saw a few of my friends cosplay from this series, I decided to do it too. And the real reason I picked this guy: the cravat. I made one for Edgeworth, but I couldn't make his coat, so I though I'd use it for this one XD

I also picked Chibitalia version because my friends are doing HRE and Chibitalia for their panel, which I may be a part of ^^

I'm making the coat out of 2 pairs of pants OO;; Yes pants into a coat. Its the right color and it's working out fine for me, even though I have to hand-sew and it's a royal pain, but it'll be worth it. I'll post pics soon. CON THIS WEEKEND!!!

Parts so far:
Shirt, cravat, boots, pants, glasses.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Roderich "Austria" Edelstein (Teen)
Variant Teenager/ Chibitalia Era


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