Mouri Ran

Detective Conan



Ran wears this to the amusement park she and Shinichi visit in the first episode, as well as several other times throughout the first season. Most of this came together courtesy ebay and goodwill, but I did do some customization on the jacket, lining the hood with orange fleece and trimming with faux fur. It still needs a little more work. I'd also like to swap out the lavender turtleneck for something thinner and cooler--cashmere plus fleece plus windbreaker's a little too warm.

The hardest part is the wig, which I still haven't quite figured out yet. Takahashi bangs are no problem, but Aoyama has some of the weirdest hair quirks, chief among them Ran's "horn". Shinichi's rat-tail and cowlick are giving me similar headaches.


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Series Detective Conan
Character Mouri Ran


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