Princess Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



At first when I wore this costume to Ohayocon the lace was poorly done. So I have them re-done all the lace and I added some snaps in the back to hold up the back bow. This outfit is NOT 100% CANON! Meaning I played with the backbow a little. A friend had bought some beautiful irrendencent fabric and she had some leftovers. So she let me use the rest to make my back bow. So instead of the white lace (that I couldnt emborider anyways) I went for a light pink bow to match the front. Everything was handmade, and alot of it was hand sewn. The only things that were actually bought were the gold tiara, the white boots (added the pink), the white gloves (added the pearls), and the wig (which was re-curled/assembled). All the accessories (earrings,crown,chocker,and brooch) were made out of Fimo.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Sailor Moon


RoyalLuna awesome!

Hakubi Michi very cute

Eternal Moon I made my cosplay, fabric organza, embroidered seamstress and my dimples. The moons of embroidery I cut one by one and I was pasting in maple ... gave an incredible job x_x