Kira Izuru




The kimono and hakama of course I already had from my other bleach costumes.

I had planned to do this costume earlier but the wig i had would NOT work. this wig is amazing though, although the bang part isn't long enough, i like it!

i made the badge out of cardboard. when i get a moment, i'll remake it. same with the sword, it was rushed and i need to redo it.

But i love cosplayed kira for the sole reason that I love asmaria, who cosplays gin. that's one of the many reasons i wanted to cosplay this character! i just hope i'll be able to wear him some more! and maybe even have shikai wabisuke!

Please ignore the fact that i have a double chin, i've lost weight since then!


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Series Bleach
Character Kira Izuru


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