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Most of the costume required me to make my own patterns or to highly modify existing patterns. Its pretty straightforward, what you see is what you get.

The talons are made of insulation foam and plaster with a million coats of primer and gold paint on it.

The green resin gems were made by Amethyst Angel.

The wig actually consisted of two wigs put together. One was a godiva wig the other was a curly, mid-length wig. I learned how to straighten, style, and dock a wig making that thing and was actually the first time I ever styled a wig. I think it only worked out because I treated it like a sculpture.

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Created 13 years ago
Series Chrono Cross
Character Steena


NytenGale your wigs are so epic....*sigh*

rock_n_roler My gosh great costume again!!!!! the wig is sooo nice!!!

BalthierFlare Awesome! Steena is amazing! ^^

Celeste_Orchid you are awesome, I love Steena!