Phoenix Wright / Ryuuichi Naruhodou

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



-The suit was purchased on the magical internets from eBay.
-The badge was made by Impure_Impulse out of sculpey and detailed with the scales of justice with a Copic pen, with my badge number written on the back.
-The tie was bought from Yes, it is pink, because I was going for the brighter sprite colors with this one. I also have a red tie, though.
-The wig was originally my old Shippuden Sasuke wig, straightened and styled. After we were done with it, we discovered it didn't fit right as it was on my head, so we turned it into a 3/4 wig and pulled my bangs over it, then set it all with a massive amount of hairspray.
-I also made myself and Impure_Impulse (who is my Miles Edgeworth) OBJECTION!/TAKE THAT! signs to carry around. They were free handed on foamcore board, then colored with marker and attached to dowels from WalMart.
-The shoes were from our local Goodwill.
-Impure_Impulse also had a spare, slightly beaten-up briefcase which I used to hold all my stuff in. I even set my phone to have Phoenix's ringtone for the duration of wearing the costume.
-I have a small magatama made from Crayola Model Magic that Impure_Impulse made for me, that I carry around in my pocket.

The best part of this costume is, without a doubt, getting to pose in it. So much fun, and for once I'm a character who doesn't scowl all the time. :D


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Series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Character Phoenix Wright / Ryuuichi Naruhodou


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