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Princess Ai




This was my winning costume for the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) finals at Frankfurt Bookfair 2007 and it received lots of love and attention.

I spent five weeks working almost nonstop, and while the basic form seemed rather simple, this design has an incredible amount of detail to it. Things like the hat & bow or her heart-shaped box took days to make and almost drove me crazy - but it was so worth the effort!

The wings are my pride and joy - while I've made wings this size before, these were quite a challenge. Their shape is so slender and curvy that the wire frame base needed extra support, the feathers were attached to the base in a pretty complicated pattern, pointing in all kinds of directions to make them look as frayed and delicate as in the reference pictures, and the pale red / pink feathers were all hand-dyed to achieve an overall gradient dye! This was fun... well, my definition of fun *lol*

Everything in this costume was handmade, including the lace, hat, corset, gloves... or heavily altered, like the wig, boots, or the mic.

It almost beat White Lulu as the most expensive costume I ever made o_o I didn't even realize that until the costume was almost done, I guess I got carried away *lol* It's mostly due to the wings and exquisite fabric (I used pure silk duppioni for the dress.)

Cost: EUR 374 / USD 530


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WARPAINTandUnicorns I not sure how you do all your wig commissions on top of making all your costume! O_O

Emmejo Amazing! It takes a lot of guts to do Ai's outfits, awesome as they are. I think I would go crazy making such a costume. Your photos are great too. Your poses are very Ai-like.

Seena-Cha awwww... you did a princess ai cosplay D: thats awesome T^T