Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



I first styled this Roxas wig back in 2009 and since then it's been tweaked and messed with so much. It even endured a trip in a suitcase to Paris in 2011, flat-packed in my suitcase.

I have uploaded a photo of me in my costume in the snow. At that point in 2009/2010, the wig had maybe around 5/6 hours of work into it.
As I write in July 2012, I need to brush the wig out, give it a good ol' wash and style it again because it's looking a tad grubby after sitting on my shelf for all these years.

The Organization XIII coat was bought
Keyblade(s), depending on which keyblade, was either bought or given to me as a gift
Wig was styled by me


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Roxas
Variant Organization


xCheetos Yes, I take commissions (: Thank you both!

VKlover OMG Your wig is perfect!!!! :D

shamikouchiha Do you do commissions? Your so wonderful!!

KeyToMyKeyBlade Holy godd, you wig is fannntasssttiiiccc, much better then mine. Dx Do you have any advice? :3

queenpuddles umm.. can i ask? u use wigs for all your cosplays?

ForeverTeea Wow awesome job! Can i ask where you found the wig that you styled?

Akiyan Awww, I love your wig~ <3

Emu Mmm, I love your wig to death. *A* It's perfect!

Minteh I'm going to kidnap your wig. D: