Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing




Integra is quite possibly my favorite female character EVER.
Only character that I ever want to do from an anime series ever again! This crazy woman is the Queen B**ch of the Hellsing organization, and she owns it, never giving up or surrendering.

And I have so much fun while in costume. ;D
My dearest boyfriend cosplays as my Alucard, and he's so much fun to order around. XD


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Series Hellsing
Character Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Variant Hellsing OVA


mqnania Integraaaa *swoon* Best Integra I've seen you rock it X3

Prota-Girl ..Wow...Extremely beautiful. O_O I'd love to meet you with myself as Alucard one of these days! xD <3 Lovely job!

The Boss Your integra is one of the most awesome I've ever seen. Personally I love your integra most! Excellent! And I agree: Integra is an awesoem character! (and I'm so sad that I made such a bad costume of her D:) That's why I love your integra so much. It's just lovely and you just have the perfect face for her! I love it!

p1ng666 well done!

TwistedDoll You were an excellent Integra!