I got ideas for this cosplay immediately after returning from my first animé con, completely inspired by what I had seen, and it's the first one I've made. Even so, a fair bit of it was last minute, and it wasn't perfect, but I really enjoyed wearing it, and consider it a great first experience. ^^

While Umbreon isn't one of my favourite Pokémon, it seemed simple enough for a first cosplay, and fairly recognizeable, albeit a bit overdone. It did go over fairly well. :3

Avatar credit goes to the lovely Apple!


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Character Umbreon


AndiAndi Aw, you're a cute Umbreon. <3 It's a bit sad that Link is attacking you, though :P

Psychic =D Thanks a ton - I'm glad you like it! Your Pikachu was very cute, too. :3 ~Psychic

Mao-Sama yei! umbreon rules ;D your costume is great!