ArchFaith as Black Chrysanthemum Aristocrat

Black Chrysanthemum Aristocrat

Lolita Fashion

Cosplayer: ArchFaith
This baby's story begins in June 2004. I had just come back from Anime Next with my Princess Garnet outfit, and was carefully calculating my next cosplay moves. You see, I usually wear an outfit to three-ish cons and then retire this rate, I realized, I'd be wearing my Garnet to two more cons. But then...what would I wear when those were over? Did I really have time to make a costume?
The result is what you see here--my Black Chrysanthemum Lolita. OK, I'll admit it--I had it made. It was made by a seamstress, who designed it with fabric I bought and a design I picked out. I figured, well, rather than me struggling to get a costume completed during my oh-so-important senior year of high school, why don't I just have one made that I KNOW will be good?
Don't worry though...I specifically wanted a Lolita/Aristocrat outfit because I didn't want to enter into a cosplay contest with a costume I didn't make. Since you can't enter Lolita outfits anyway, I figured, well, what the heck?