Yay I get to be Gaaralicious! Oh so many Narutoes. I love Gaara a lot. His story makes me all sads even to the point of crying while watching it &gt;<. My gourd actually isn't that heavy. It's only 10lbs, but the thing that gets annoying is how it's attached. Still gotta improve upon that. Contrary to popular belief, I did not shave my eyebrows off. Jenn and I used this eyebrow plastic to cover those suckers up. It took 2 hours to apply, but the result was worth it I think and of course I'd do it for Gaara (see? I'm a nerd). Yaya also did my eye make-up. Gaara and Naruto are my fave Naruto characters. Someday I'd like to make half of Shukaku.


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