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Two revisions and 1 season of 24 later...

The underskirt is 220cm so that it would be really poofy, the yellow skirt is much less. I looked really fat in it, so intense fittings occured. The poof took me 5 hours by hand.

My first attempt at boot covers! I wish I listened to my mother and put the velcro on the side, not the back -_-

A cheap pair of prom gloves were modified.

The white belt was handsewed fabric around six layers of wal-mart rope.

Both bows have stuff you iron on fabric to make it tougher. The back is held by wire, the front has stitches.

The bell was my boyfriend's idea. It took me about 5 hours. Hockey ball, fun foam, cardboard cutter, spray paint, black sharpie and lots of patience attaching it.

The jewelery is ovenbake clay, painted gold. I re-did the tiara Sarah made, fun foam painted gold.

The wig was styled by Sarah-san, then re-styled by myself. Painfully. It was my first wig styling, so it's not that great.

Sarah made the perfect tail! It's so bouncy, I love her!

* This costume was so much work, but it was worth it, I'm very proud of it. There are so many things I'd do differently now, so I'll probably make another Senshi fuku in the future... But for now, I think I've done Luna justice, considering it's only my 3rd sewn costume :)


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ZakuMonkey OMG THANK YOU FOR DOING LUNA JUSTICE, ive seen a few Luna cosplays and no offense to the people but they weren't that good...But you... YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! So ADORABLE!!!!

MalteseLizzie I think all you effort paid off: this costume looks great.

usakou you make such as cute sailor luna!^^