Arashi Kishu




Since I fell in love with a picture taken from Clamp X artbook, I decided to prepare her as soon as it's possible. I thought the hardest part was the sword, but after all I see there's a lot to sew T__T

Special thanks to my cospartner Paolo [costpa85] for joining this project as Sorata Arisugawa. Boss, thank you for caring about me. thank you for spending time with me. thank you for being my friend =)


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Series X/1999
Character Arashi Kishu
Variant Artbook


Kanna_tears You did Arashi so much justice. Looks stunning.

Kadori.Toph I really love how you look with this costume. You look so Arashi *^*! Really nice job! ;D

ChiyoFlourite Ti stimo profondamente *A* io amo Arashi e ho sempre sognato di fare il suo cosplay, vedere questo tuo stupendo lavoro mi ha motivato ancora di più çwç veramente, complimenti ^_____^

NekoSatsuki Veramente fantastica! Complimenti!

Chinako Oh my! I'm not familiar with this character, but the details you've put in are extraordinary! I love the sword's hilt, and the fibers were a great idea (even though they'd be covered by the sleeves... though I'm glad I'm not the only one who dreams in cosplay!). It's all coming alone nicely and I cannot wait to see it finished! Great job so far!