Tear Grants

Tales of the Abyss



Lets see... some problems I've had with this cosplay.... Well first was when I bought a pair of white heels... they never came.... So I had to buy another pair... So I was out 20 bucks. Everything else went on pretty smoothly. The tights I made, the first one anyway, was a little to big so I had to cut it down along with my pattern I made. The white gloves are hand-made..... actually the whole outfit is hand-made besides the white heels. Oh and the wig... lol

The heels kind of hurt my feet, and I couldn't walk very fast in them, but that's okay.I didn't really get to wear this one very long, but I did enter it in a Costume Contest with my friend as Vivaldi from "Alice in the Country of Hearts" but we didn't win anything... :( oh well.


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Series Tales of the Abyss
Character Tear Grants


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