Odin Sphere



I love Odin Sphere, and all its fantasy-like character designs. When my friend Kapalaka decided to round up an Odin Sphere cosplay group, I just had to be a part! Tranquility and I decided to be a pair of sexy volcano girls, the Vulcans. We decided to take on the challenge of making their attack forms, which is basically on fire from the waist up.

We worked together to make these costumes, including all the pattern drafting and what materials to use. The headpieces started out as a hat made of red fur and stuffed with cotton. We found some really neat looking orange/yellow iridescent fabric and placed it all over the headpieces. A final touch of orange and yellow cellophane flame shapes gave them a more random, flickering appearance. We wanted to look more curvy, so our chests were "enhanced" with foam material that we carved into shape and adhered into the suit. Several layers of materials went onto the bodysuit to make it look burned, such as polyester dye, fabric, acrylic, and puffy paint, and black sand. Tranquility did a lot of the work on these costumes, and it wouldn't have gotten finished in time without her :) I am really happy how these turned out, and it was extremely fun cosplaying with all our friends.


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Series Odin Sphere
Character Vulcan
Variant Attack Mode Flame Transformation


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