Maya Fey

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



Im madly in love with Ace Attorney series,thanks to my friend who had influenced me so much. Ace Attorney is the first game who had me me laughing along the play xDD and the storyline is the most perfect among other games i've played! I also planning to do more Ace Attorney cosplays from PW and AJ series,with my friends of course.

I wanted to cosplay as Phoenix but i realize i dont have body shape like Phoenix's xDD; Maya is my second favorite then i decided to do her! Surprisingly Maya's costume not really hard to make,i spend 2-3 days to complete it. As usual i used drill for the main fabric, for the coat i used purple satin.

Long live Ace Attorney, Objection! ( ⌒▽⌒)σ


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Series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Character Maya Fey


CanisPanthera great work!