Princess Serenity

Sailor Moon



One of my favorite character!


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Princess Serenity


Louise_Hiraga Прекрасная Серенити *_*

nymphinrainbows Hi Your costume is amazing and the fabric you used was perfect to get the affect that the manga has in the drawings! I was wondering if you could tell me what type of fabric you used. It looks like some kind of organza but I wanted to double check. Thank you! ~Nymphinrainbows

carladawn lovely :]

misaviolin19 I so want to cosplay as her one day

Adlez-AxeL What an AMAZING cosplay! Serenity really suits you :3

Akihash So Cute!

malro Thank you guys!! ^^ I am living in Yekaterinburg and yes, I made the dress myself ))

KakashiLover you make a really pretty Serena im cosplaying as her too but were using my real hair and trying to figure out how to do the buns. Did you make the dress?

fly_aguilera It is impossible to attain perfection, but can be closer to her! and you do that with mastery!

DROO So gorgeous!!!

SpiderGreen Wow this is amazing.

Sen-chan Absolutely lovely. You look so serene.

NarukuSon Привет красивый. Ваши костюмы прекрасны! Вы выглядите очень хорошими. Где в России Вы живете?

malro Thanks ^^

Koibito_XY awesome~