Abe no Yasuaki

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time



I have a thing for pretty boys with long hair I think. Yasuaki is my favourite character from this series, and I'm glad I got to do this cosplay. There was only one other person at the con who knew who he was, but that wasn't going to stop me. I'll probably do more cosplay from this series in the future, because the costumes are so pretty!

I managed to complete the sewing for this costume is just over one week, which included drafting all my patterns. The beads on the rosery were all painted, and the larger ones had to have holes drilled into them because Michaels was out of pre-drilled balls of wood. I did full layers, and did not cheat on this costume.

The wig: I bought two of the same wig on ebay, and pulled one of them into a side ponytail while the other I chopped up for extensions. I also have a styrofoam ball, which I carved a sort of grove into for the ponytail and painted a similar green colour. I then wrapped the ball in the loose wig fibre from the second wig, stuck the ponytail in it, and then wrapped it some more. There was some hot glue used here, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.


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Series Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time
Character Abe no Yasuaki


nicki_013 That looks so awesome!! That wig is amazing! I am so jealous of your work ^-^;;