Sailor Saturn - Hotaru Tomoe

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars



Saturn: my favorite, silent (but cute and VERY adorable) girl of the Sailor Moons.
I always wanted to do her and since one of my friend asked us to do a SM group, I immediately choose her!

A better (and complete) remake version will be made but due to the deadline I'm forced to use/do things that don't have all my blessing.

Things that will be added:
- new tiara
- bootcovers
- more accurate costume (compared to our group members)

- costume updated
- tiara made
- Silence Glaive completed
- bootcovers are almost finished

This version will be worn on AniMagiC 2009.

Bootcovers were finished although I was not soo happy with the result


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Series Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Character Sailor Saturn - Hotaru Tomoe
Variant Sailor Moon


hibiky beatiful *w* great job!!

MostDecentThing * Favorite * 。 ◕‿◕ 。

-Naraku- I love this costume!!! It looks so wonderfull and sexy! Great Job!!!