Estel as Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness

Doctor Who/Torchwood


Cosplayer: Estel
Captain Jack, the rogue ex-time agent criminal. The Casanova of time even. He's charming, funny, cunning, gorgeous, and best of all he's anything-sexual. The typical 51st century American boy.

Costume consists of:

- WWII British Royal Air Force greatcoat
- Grey trousers (different tones)
- Brown leather belt (most of the time)
- Vortex Manipulator (leather wrist cuff)*
- Brown workbooks
- Leather gun holster
- Webley/Enfield WWII RAF Officer's Revolver*

Things that change between episodes:
- Black w/ black band (Series 1 & 2)
- Red face w/ bracelet band (Children of Earth)
- Light blue military shirt
- Dark blue dress shirt
- White/red/blue striped dress shirt*
- Seafoam dress shirt*
- Royal blue dress shirt
- Blue striped dress shirt
- Light blue dress shirt
- Light denim blue dress shirt
- Red w/ black leather*
- Grey w/ brown leather
Fighter plane cuff links
Shooting glasses & ear muffs ("The Ghost Machine")
Pocket watch ("Meat)
Sunglasses ("They Keep Killing Suzie")
Keys (Doctor Who "Sound of Drums")

*these are things that I either do not have or do have and they still need work.

This is currently my prized costume. I love wearing it and have a really good time with it. I collect pieces for it constantly. I would not, however, be able to have as much pride in it if I did not have my full team with me.