Kingdom Hearts II



I really love this cosplay. I always seem to have the best of times when I wear it and I get a lot of compliments on the accuracy of it. Which I love because I'm usually kind of anal about details and it's great to hear that all that stressing out over X detail and squinting at screens for hours on end got to pay off

The left zipper had a little 'issue' that made it like to suddenly split open any time I moved my torso so I had to walk around like a robot T3T; But it's finally ghettro-ly fixed...with hot glue pfft.

The dress is made from a really nice cotton-poly spandex and this was my first time doing zippers, styling/using a wig and learning to use grommets.

The scalloped edge of the top is fray-checked. I used a tutorial from another cosplay.com member to make kairi's belt and I kept it structured by putting a small cardboard box inside it. So it was very useful for holding my phone and wallet aha.

I also made the pale pink shoes from a battered and torn piece of converse that i sewed new fabric too. The fabric I used was ill-suited and terribly flimsy. but it looked good at least! lol


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi
Variant Pink dress


Kiandra So pretty *W*

AkatsukiSky Aw you really make a cute Kairi, you suit her so well. Good job on the costume!

Kyte27 You make the most perfect Kairi! Hope to see ya at AX'09 XD