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Cure Rouge is a character that fits me most. After watching two or three episodes of PreCure 5, I already decided on sewing this costume due to her adorable character and great voice.

Well, I'm only a beginner and the cosplay has still many mistakes that I want to make better until I meet my complete group, like the bows of the dress, the lenght of the skirt, the underskirt and the lenght of the jacket...
I think I'm never gonna be satisfied until a costume like that gives me magical powers XD"

This costume improved my skills a lot due to never styling a wig like that and re-colouring it with a copic-alcohol-solution.

The butterflies are all hand-made with fabric. I couldn't be happy by just cutting them out of craft foam and so I spent several hours on sewing them.
The butterflies on the hand and the earrings are made of modelling-clay.
The only thing that is not hand-made is the pinky-catch. It's not like I'm not able to make a real looking pinky-catch, but I'm obsessed with merchandising articles and prefer to have the real items XD"

Next year, me and my friends will build up another PreCure 5 group of the second season, watch out for it!


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