Gurren Lagann



I love my Yoko costume, but I still have some things to upgrade and change on her.
She also tends to be a bit too cold to wear in the end of winter in Canada. Lol :S So to be able to wear her to MTAC, I decided to have a little fun and wear a Yukata that I purchased while in Japan.

I had 2 options, I could wear it all wrapped up and tied up properly, but that just didn't strike me as Yoko-esque. lol She seems to hate the constraints of clothing (see episode 5), so I figured I'd wrap it over top of her regular outfit, and keep it loose. :)

Hope you enjoy ^_~


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character Yoko
Variant In Yukata


Lightning Baron Awesome, one of the few costumes I remembered form Mtac.

Lando Looking good Ash! Your Yoko came out pretty Schweet!

Cheiko Too bad you dont live closer, cause we just had a TTGL party last night at my place, we got in 8 episodes before calling it for the night. Lol

Zetra This looked so incredible :3 such a simple idea but it looks like it would really be part of the anime. I still need to watch this show, your prancing around in Yoko has made me so intrigued <3