Jill Valentine (BSAA)

Resident Evil 5



Okay, this costume was fun to make!!! and took a lot of time and some good ammount of money, mainly for the gear. That Pants were fairly easy to make, the hardest task on them I believe would have to be the little knee guards she has on them. And as for the Jacket I believe the sleeves were the most annoying for me, for the fact I originally made it a blue jumpsuit jacket then slowly drew the designs to go and cut-out and then replaced them with the black fabric which is made from sports or dance wear material [the stretchy stuff]. The easiest tasks about the costume were making the flash grenade and First aid spray, the hat and with help fixing the straps on all of my gear since it was all small, oh! and making the straps for my tactical blade sheath. The gloves were okay not too hard, the headset just upright gave me hell..-_-;'. But this outfit was sooooooo much fun to wear!!! I loved it!!^ ^ Jill is such a Badarse.


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Series Resident Evil 5
Character Jill Valentine (BSAA)


Patastrophic Thank you for the kind comments you left me! I really like this costume of yours, Jill's BSAA outfit is overlooked way too much.

Angeal very good work on your cosplay very nice work

DivineRukia okay thanks great costume by the way

SuWan Thanks for all of your lovely and nice comments guys!! my costume I either got some stuff from the Military surplus shops or I got supplies to make some of the gear from the military surplus shop.

DivineRukia how did you get all the awesome gear?

JBear206 Awesome job! actually remember seeing you at a-kon 20!

sherrie553 wow where did you get it from

Chibi Lenne Out of curiosity, where did you pick up your tactical gear? I'm having issues looking for my own for this outfit XD

Leadmill Brilliant Jill, well done!

xenosagamomo1 omg i love it

CplCowboy Boom!

Liz Shepherd wow!!! to my favorites! good job ♥

Leonesaurus Fantastic Jill costume!! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to see someone cosplay Jill's BSAA costume from RE5! Great job! ^_^