Saya35 as Maru-Dashi



Summer outfit(anime)

Cosplayer: Saya35
This outfit was super fun to work on for one simple reason. Super fun, super long piggytails. I hand drafted the pattern for the jacket based off Maru's summer clothing in the anime. I used brown twill and lined it with a plum color in an attempt to duplicate the color scheme used in the anime. The jacket and shorts were rather easy. The wig was the fun part. It started out as a cosworx "cher" in light blue(bought in the $22 sale). I wefted the back part using the heat sealing method. I also wefted the hairline using caulk wefts. I then stubbed the two piggytails. To construct the piggytails I started with 12 medium sized styrofoam balls painted to match the wig. I strung them together with fishing line at set intervals. I then started covering them with light blue loose yaki extension. I set them in place with caulk. I total I used 13 packs of yaki hair!!! I used conical shaped foam cores for the piggytail bases. Painted them to match the wig then covered them with loose silky extensions. I made a substructure under each piggytail to help support the weight of the wig as well. The substructure was a firm hard plastic mesh with a long bolt ran thru it into the stubs. It was secured with fishing line, nuts and caulk. I had to add a strap to help keep the wig in place Due to the weight this wig was tuff to keep in place but it still turned out pretty good. About two days before these photos where taken my cat decided to tear up the pig tails pretty bad so a hasty patch job was done on the lower 1-2 feet of the piggytails. That will be repaired fully before wearing it again:)