Nu Wa

Dynasty Warriors

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Quick run on construction. This will be really short since a lot was winged and no patterns were used. The patterns for everything was just me pinning tissue paper to the body form and cutting till i was happy. For the white thigh highs I traced my black thigh high socks. The areas that stand up(collar, glove tops, and shoes) I used plastic boning to allow the fabric to stand and yet not be dangerous if someone bumped into me(the plastic bends very nicely). After tracing the placement of the boning I stitched over those lines so that each piece of boning had a place to slip into. Those sections were attached to ribbon and elastic or velcro. The headdress was cones of fabric lined with heavy interface, stuffed with foam and batting, lined with one piece of boning and glued to a headband. The crown ornament was an applique mounted on thick craft foam. From there the whole thing was just tons of beads, trinkets, appliques, and trims that were either hand stitched, glued, or ironed on. My bf made the sword and I just decorated it.


@Lilith Oya
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