Samus Aran




2 weeks construction time for this one.

This was made from toy references and bit from the video game references.

what makes this one so special is the weathered painting effect my friend experimented on. worked like magic.

we believe samus cant just bounce around unscathed and undamaged. this puts a more realistic touch to it.

this is lighted by LED.

Stage Skit involves the following sequence:
1.) Samus enters in ball form. This is done by having a human prop spin an umbrella in front of samus as they walk to the center of the stage
2.) Samus reveals herself at the center of the stage as the umbrella is closed. she poses and then fires a party popper from inside of the cannon arm
3.) poses poses.

Paint job by my buddy A.C Hernandez a.k.a animefreakzz


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Series Metroid
Character Samus Aran


violentadd omg epic! what did you make the suit out of?

Noose Like woah man. You skills are impeccable, and, let it be known that you make a damn sexy Samus. What kind of LED's did you use? I'm thinking of putting acryllic cases to disperse light from EL Wire myself.

Dokipanic Awesome costume! The best i've seen ^^