God of War



Kratos -and God of War- is my current, non-fading and ever-expanding obsession. And I like challenges, so I decided to cosplay as him and compete in my first ever cosplay contest. So I'm pulling big shots for him!

The armor is coming along slowly. The pieces that I have finished -legs and arms/hands- are completely done of cardboard, paper mache and other material that I forgot the name, sanded to perfection and awaiting for the paint coating. The Blade of Olympus will be made of foam and that material I forgot the name of, sanded to perfection and the details will be carved on the foam and will be turned into 3-D designs with molding clay/model magic/Sculpey (I'm trying all of them to see which one is easier to mold). Sandals will be made from scratch using an old pair I found lying around my room, and I'm even making a chainmaille suit, just like the Spartan does.
Lots of work, but worthy!


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