Elizabeth Middleford




it's gonna be the orange dress later maybe the others ^^

first try: well i chose the wrong fabrik so i have to start all over again..... now i'm gonna buy everything what i need for it :D i'm going at wendsday to shopping and at the same time i'm gonna buy the wig and maybe shoes....

well i'm not gonna get any wig from eBay (my dad sucks : P)
well i have to ask somewere clip-on ponytails for the wig... if no one have i have to make them out of another wig x--D
well.... so far it's going grate (i still wan't to kill that dress D: u peopole actually don't know how hard it is to make it ^^")

YAY! it's finished 8----DDDD and it's allready packet to the cosplay contest, thumps up peopole can i win anything ?_?


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Created 11 years ago
Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Elizabeth Middleford


Keychain007 Joo olen tulossa Animeconiin Finianina. Thanks god, cossi jo valmiina. Itse olet tulossa näköjään Elizabethinä?

Losertastic124 So far, this looks amazing!! SO PRETTY *_* Fantastic job! I can't wait to see it completed!!!

Pumpkin-Ed No cossin siis jo aiemmin Cieliä Bakassa. Jäi harmittamaan kun ei ollut kunnollista peruukkia. Sen kun hankin ja kunnostan cossia vähän niin uudestaan sitä vielä joskus käytän. Sen sijaan cossin Madame Rediä jossakin vaiheessa.