B-Rabbit (Alice/SPOILER)

Pandora Hearts



Most expensive element:
Mascot head and fur $160

The most astonishing thing about the costume:
I've made jackets in 2 weeks... gave myself two weeks and it took 4! 3 weeks devoted to hand sewing all those freaking diamonds, triangles and bias tape.

Most satisfying part props giant scythe in particular. Unwielding, taller than me and had to make it assemble in 3 parts ... but I still have a giant red scythe *_*

During the Saturday Masquerade and the wonderful MC Gravely!

I want to swing my scythe on stage, but I didn't want to change the head flying off since it was glued in place with low temp hot glue.

I one thing I neglected to do was wear a long sleeve black shirt to cover my arms of there pasty whiteness. XP

I also know B-Rabbit's real name and if you're following the manga I sure you're looked like this too. O____o


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Series Pandora Hearts
Character B-Rabbit (Alice/SPOILER)
Variant The Chain XX B-Rabbit


crazycheshire If you don't mind me asking, how did you make the head?

Yuuyamitaiyou O_O That's amazing!

Nami Walker Brilliant *__________*! That is the real B-Rabbit *-*!

CalamityJade wow, so damn cool! *_* I want that scythe! XD *__*

Ziggy-chan This costume is just so cool!!! I love it!!!

Gravely Trust me, the judges liked you very much

Liliana BRILLIANT work on the costume! I remember seeing you at the AN masquerade. Your mascot's wonderfully made! Great job! *claps*

Athel Very nicely done. The craftsmanship certainly shows.