Megurine Luka

Vocaloid 2



omg &gt;-<
I'm kinda proud of myself 'cause I made the boots, I know they're not perfect at all, but in the pics they look so cute &gt;_< also the chest piece, the headphones and the details are made by myself. The costume(skirt, top, sleeve, and the arm things) was made by a friend of my grandma ._.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Megurine Luka


anime1012 muy buen cosplay tu peluca esta muy bonita

IchigoCompton The boots are so perfect *O* It's easy to make them? The cosplay are beautiful, congratulations x3

Akako-Stargon Could you tell me how you made the chest piece and how you connected it to the outfit? Also if you could explain how you made the shoes and belt. Sorry if this is asking too much. I'd really appreciate it if you explained though.